DPM Systems AR-CAPT-4
Buffer pro AR-10 S Captured Buffer (64mm/2.5")

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DPM AR-10 S Captured Buffer 64mm/2.5"

DPM Mechanical Recoil Reduction System for AR-15/M-16 & PCC 9mm Carbine Buffer Length: 82mm / 3.2″

This specific DPM Mechanical  Recoil System (Captured Version) functions due to the multi spring intricate rod (3 springs). This system offers almost double force at the end of full open position of the slide. Compared to the OEM Buffer provides additional force that stops the violent rams on the frame.

From the above effect the slide stops smoothly on the frame and offer’s less recoil.

Further the moving parts of the rifle’s are protected, offering longer life to the rifle.

Finally the design of DPM Captured Version makes it easy to install on the frame.

Overall Advantages

    Faster follow up shots
    Bolt and Frame Protection
    Elimination of jams
    Significant recoil reduction
    Better double-tap concentration
    Better control and greater accuracy
    Correct Locking Bolt

For changes to features, like comp set-up, threaded barrels, slide conversions etc., contact us via email at info@dpmsystems.com before placing your order. In some cases, we need to determine whether a custom product is required.

Made in Hellas – EU.

Milions of our patented products are in service to military and law enforcement pistols and sports shooter’s pistols around the world.

Lifetime Warranty for unlimited usage rounds.

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