DPM Systems MS-GLG5/2 8 SET
Vratná pružina DPM pro Glock 20-21 Gen5 (8 uživatelských nastavení)

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Vratná pružina DPM pro Glock 20-21 Gen5 (8 Adjustable Settings)

This kit includes 4 different in length and strength external springs and 2 self-lock spring plugs, for the 2 gold coated springs their wire diameter is 1.15mm and are lighter during the slide travel than the 2 silver coated springs with wire diameter 1.2mm.

Set Up Suggestion

  •     For .45ACP, Auto and factory loads install one of the gold coated springs and the short plug.
  •     For 10mm, +P+, Rowland 460 etc. install one of the silver coated springs and the long plug.

Power rates

Slide on the battery (idle position), with the installation of the longer spring plug the power rate increases by 0.5 lb for each spring.

  •     Gold Short Spring (1.15mm): 9.9 lb
  •     Gold Long Spring (1.15mm): 10.5 lb
  •     Short Silver Spring (1.2mm): 9.9 lb
  •     Long  Silver Spring (1.2mm): 11 lb

Total force (Slide full open position)

  •     Short Plug: 23.1 lb (approx.)
  •     Long Plug: 26.5 lb  (approx.)
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